If you cook with frequency, simplicity is your friend! Enter OPA!’s seasonings, which were designed specifically to simplify healthy eating. We offer four essential blends — Chicken & Seafood, Meat, Salad, and Vegetable — that take the guesswork out of cooking proteins, veggies, and salads. Many of our recipes follow the heart-healthy Mediterranean Diet.

Here are a few of the easiest (and delicious) recipes you will find:

  • Chicken & Seafood: Our essential blend is enhanced with rosemary and complements any dish with poultry or fish. Simply coat chicken breasts with lemon juice and OPA’s Chicken & Seafood seasoning before grilling or baking.
  • Meat: Additional garlic ensures that this blend pairs well with steak, burgers, and lamb. Simply sprinkle your favorite red meat with our Meat blend and grill or bake.
  • Salad: Our Salad blend features mint. Just add this seasoning to tomatoes, onion, and a drizzling of olive oil for a delicious and light meal.
  • Vegetable: The addition of dill makes our Vegetable blend a great addition to potatoes, green beans, or Brussels sprouts to add a kick to veggie dishes.

The OPA! Foods community is here to help you overcome your cooking boredom. We have dozens of simple, healthy recipes for you to try. Check them out on our recipe page and add your own!

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