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OPA! Foods founder Dean Xeros — self-described as a “simple man’s cook” — learned to make traditional recipes from his grandfather who owned restaurants in Salina, Kansas. In creating OPA!’s proprietary seasoning blends, Dean combined the spices used by his grandfather and other family members to create traditional dishes such as gyros, Greek salad, moussaka, tzatziki, dolma, and more.


Every blend contains our proprietary Greek mix, with each of the four blends building a unique flavor with spices including dill, oregano, rosemary, mint, thyme, and parsley. Our seasoning blends are designed to provide home chefs with an easy way to add wonderful flavoring to every meal without having to buy several specialty spices and combine their own blends. While OPA! is perfect for more complex recipes, it works equally well when added to your favorite protein or vegetable for a simple, quick, and delicious meal.



OPA!’s seasonings are a pantry staple for anyone wanting to create simple and healthy meals at home. Each of our blends are gluten-free & low sodium, without added MSG. If you want to incorporate meals from the heart-healthy Mediterranean Diet or a low-carb meal plan, simply add OPA! to your favorite vegetables or lean protein for a flavor-full and healthy meal. Healthy dishes aren’t bland with OPA!


Since 1999, Dean has been feeding the homeless at the Austin Street Shelter in Dallas, Texas with a team of volunteers from the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. Each month, they travel to downtown Dallas to create mouth-watering meals that include Greek-style chicken, green beans, rice, and fresh-baked cakes. Soon residents of the shelter began encouraging Dean to make the seasonings and recipes available to others. In 2002, Dean launched OPA! Foods thanks to the inspiration from the very people he served at the shelter. OPA! donates a portion of the proceeds from every bottle sold back to Austin Street Shelter.

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